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Breaded lobster mac and cheese in a pan, sitting on a table next to a bowl of cheese, a lobster, bread, and salt and pepper shakers.



Mac and cheese can never be wrong, but when it’s right, it’s magic. A box brand will do in a pinch, but there’s something about the homemade recipes that soothe the soul as well as the stomach. Here are a couple of recipes to kick your mac and cheese up a notch. Feel free to go freeform and adjust where your tastebuds lead you, especially when it comes to the main ingredient – cheese. Luckily, the longtime debate over the best fromage to utilize has been done for you, and the results are essential for a connoisseur like yourself. Use your knowledge wisely, and cook well. 

World’s Best Mac & Cheese

Look, it’s in the name, so it must be true. The only one who could prove it wrong is you, through a series of delicious taste testings. Check out the proclaimed world’s best mac and cheese recipe for yourself for a twist on the classic recipe, done perfectly. 

Lobster Mac

It’s hard to improve on perfection. But lobster is an excellent way to do it. Take anything and add a decadent lobster tail, you won’t be disappointing. A little goes a long way in this dish, elevating a babysitter meal to a 5-star restaurant plate. Check out this recipe for lobster mac and cheese to feel fancy any night of the week. 

Fried Mac & Cheese Balls

We’re sorry. Once you’ve tried mac and cheese balls, you’ll be mad. It’s the best thing you didn’t want to like because you can taste how unhealthy it is for you. But for a special treat-yourself occasion, here’s a recipe for OMG-crazy-good fried mac and cheese balls that will change how you look at the world. 

Kitchen Sink Mac & Cheese

It’s chili, it’s cheesy, it’s noodly, it’s fully loaded with a little bit of everything. That’s the beauty that is kitchen sink mac and cheese. Kick up the dish with spice, chili, and whatever else is lying around. Try the recipe, but feel free to go out on a limb and use what you have on hand or what sounds like a good combo to cultivate the ultimate personalized mac and cheese experience. 

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