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Landscape near Olympus at Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah



Check out these stunning outdoor destinations to visit around the Salt Lake area.

Yellow Fork Canyon

Just 30 minutes from your front door, this hiking location is the perfect quick trip to get to a few nature trails. Along your trek, expect to see an array of stunning wildflower dirt paths, colorful trees, flowing creeks, woodsy trail tunnels, and snow-capped mountains in the distance. Tip: this destination is a perfect sunset or sunrise hike, but just be sure to bring a warm jacket.

Jordan River Parkway Trail

Just under 8 miles out and back, this very easy walking trail is a local outdoor spot you’ll want to see before the snow sets in. Whether you’re into jogging with your four-legged friend, biking on two wheels, or leisurely strolling along admiring the local wildlife, this partially-paved trail has it all.

Antelope Island

The farthest destination on our list is Antelope Island, a given must-see spot around the Salt Lake area. Your trip to this state park is easily done in a day trip. Situated about two hours North of Olympus at Daybreak, this gorgeous location is crawling with wild bison, coyotes, birds, and – you guessed it: antelope. From horseback riding and lookout points, to hiking and biking trails, this destination has it all. If you’ve never been, get it on your travel books before the winter season hits.

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