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Snow on the mountains above Cecret Lake at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah



Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t lace up your hiking boots and head outdoors. The Salt Lake City region has dozens of stunning hiking opportunities that are enjoyable and accessible all year round. Here are a few places to explore this season.

Gloria Falls

Part of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, this trail is relatively easy and short (2.3 miles round trip), though there are areas of the trail that are sometimes overgrown, in addition to being a bit rocky, so be prepared with good boots and pants. It’ll give you the challenge of a vigorous climb up to the falls, which will make for an easy return trip. Just before you reach the falls is where the trail gets narrow and overgrown, which is the toughest part of the hike – but the views at the falls will be worth it. The water plunges 50 feet and creates a welcome spray of water to cool off the hikers who venture out to see it.

Adams Canyon

This 3.8-mile trail is a local favorite – so expect a fair amount of foot traffic. However, most people visit the trail during the spring, summer, and fall, so a winter hike might be a quiet experience. There’s a creek, a pond, and a 40-foot waterfall, not to mention stunning views of the city beyond.

Donut Falls Trail

It’s said that locals who are in love with hiking came to this love because of Donut Falls Trail. It’s incredibly crowded during the summer – which makes winter a perfect time to visit. It’s an easy 3.5-mile round trip and like many local trails, it features a creek and a waterfall.

Lisa Falls

This is a super short, easy hike – just about 30 minutes (not counting how long you spend at the falls) and less than a mile long. The trail climbs along the Little Cottonwood Canyon and ends at the falls, which spill over the granite of the canyon walls.

Cecret Lake Trail

The only complaint you’ll ever hear about this trail is that it’s so popular among locals. It’s only 1.8 miles and you’ll get to enjoy stunning views of the lake. Just be sure to watch for occasional closures during the winter season.

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