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A whiskey-filled rocks glass on top of a Texas-themed​ napkin sits on a wooden bar with low lighting



Texas is putting itself on the map when it comes to craft spirits – and that means you can find some of the best craft cocktails in the country right here. When you’re in the mood for that perfect drink, drop by one of these craft distilleries.

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.

This Fort Worth distillery was founded by two men who left the corporate world to act on their love of whiskey and entrepreneurial instincts at the exact same time. Clearly, it was kismet, because their partnership brought Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company to life and the whiskey scene has never been the same. They keep a list of cocktail recipes on their website, which means you can enjoy their cocktails in the comfort of your own home, if you like. Their Winter’s Night recipe is delicious. (And pro tip: You can substitute the coffee for hot cocoa, if you want to get really indulgent!)

Blackland Distillery

Named after the Blackland Prairie, this distillery has thrived by striking a balance between following long-established distilling traditions and challenging the way it’s always been done. Its founder, Markus Kypreos, is a Fort Worth native and not only an attorney, but a graduate of the Culinary School of Fort Worth and a certified sommelier. Blackland’s Fort Worth tasting room offers some of the most flavorful cocktails in the region. Try the English Winter, a blend of gin, lavender syrup, and lemon, with a splash of sparkling water. If you want a treat, you’ll love the Dreamsicle Fizz: bourbon, vanilla cream soda, and orange ice.

Lockwood Distilling Company

Sally and Evan Batt started this distillery as a way to bring together the community that they love so much. And you can see that love reflected in their fun menu, intimate seating areas, and the live music that you’ll find there every Friday and Saturday. Their cocktails are the perfect reflection of the state from which they were born. Try the Mr. Sean, a hibiscus vodka infused with jalapeno peppers, with a twist of lemon and splash of club soda. You’ll also want to sip the Southside Mule, which features Lockwood’s bourbon flavored with lime and ginger beer.

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