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A path with a lush garden filled with orange, red, yellow, and purple flowers | gardens in Willow Park

Visit the Historic Chandor Gardens Near Willow Park

Spend the Day at Historic Chandor Gardens Near Willow Park

You don't have to have a green thumb to admire the beauty of a carefully planned flower garden. Thankfully, you can enjoy a refreshing day walking through nature without ever lifting a shovel. Chandor Gardens, near Olympus Willow Park, has a rich history and lovely grounds to admire. 

How the Gardens Started

Chandor Gardens gets its name from distinguished portrait painter Douglas Chandor. He came from England in the 1920s and gained notoriety painting American presidents. While the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery displays five of his artistic works, Chandor's other passion was gardening. After marrying and settling in his wife's hometown of Weatherford, he began work in 1936 on what is now Chandor Gardens.  

Historic Structures

There are a host of gorgeous areas and fountains to behold. Walking through the garden entrance, you'll find the courtyard. It features a pretty Italian pergola surrounded by stone pillars. Continuing on is the Chandor House. Built in 1936, it acted mainly as Douglas Chandor's art studio. Today, visitors can explore the 5,600-square-foot home or use it as a special event space. Among the other structures are things like a beautiful bridge, cascading 30-foot waterfall, and tiered fountain. 

Picturesque Areas

Chandor loved recreating Chinese-inspired gardens while also keeping in touch with his English heritage. You'll encounter spaces like the Bowling Green which originally acted as a bocce ball and croquet court. Other calming places include the Cave Grotto meditation space and Buddha Niche. Don't miss the Chi-Ling Fountain. Chandor himself made it in the 1940s from things like handmade tiles, Coca-Cola and 7-Up bottles, and colorful marbles.

Before you head out for a day of exploring the gardens near Willow Park, enjoy a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant. When you want to explore our apartments in Willow Park, contact us. We can set you up with a tour so you can see our vibrant community.