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A basketball player on an empty court, shooting a long distance three-pointer.



The state of Texas has a combined eight NBA titles: five for the Spurs, two for the Rockets, and one for the Mavericks. And while the state’s sports franchises are much beloved, what about Texas’s native sons? Who are the best Texas-born NBA players of all time? Let’s find out!

#3 Jerome “Spud” Webb

Full transparency: You wouldn’t have to work hard to find other Texas-born NBA players with a better stat sheet than Spud Webb. But when we say “best” we’re not just talking about stats. We’re talking about the player’s impact on the game. One of the shortest players in NBA history at a stout 5’7”, Webb was just plain fun to watch. With the way he would weave through a defense, not even a little intimidated when defending men a good foot taller than him, he was a warrior. But the biggest reason he’s ultimately on this list is obvious: the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. If you don’t follow any other link in this blog, follow this one. You’ll swear he’s flying.         

#2 Grant Hill 

While some people may believe that Grant Hill made it into the Hall of Fame by the skin of his teeth, in truth, Hill suffered from overhyping. When he hit the NBA in 1994, he was touted as the heir apparent to Micheal Jordan. That’s like comparing apples to, well, the greatest basketball player who ever lived. So even though he didn’t turn into the all-time top five kind of player many people envisioned, he still managed a stellar career highlighted by a Rookie of the Year award, seven NBA All Star appearances, and one Olympic gold medal. Not bad for a kid from Dallas.      

#1 Chris Bosh

Apparently Dallas produces NBA players like Tatooine produces Jedi – but the debate on who should be first on this list is clearly between Grant Hill and Chris Bosh. If you stack the two resumes together, you could go back and forth on career highlights and stats, but ultimately, it comes down to the bling. Bosh was part of the Big Three in Miami, and the titanic signings of Bosh and LeBron James back in 2010, along with powerhouse Dwyane Wade, brought the Heat back-to-back titles. While certainly the number three guy behind James and Wade, Bosh pulled his team out of the fire on more than a few nights. There’s a reason Miami retired his jersey.        

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