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Young couple sitting on the floor and putting clothes in order into boxes at home.



Getting organized is the third most popular New Year’s resolution that Americans make each year – and with good reason. Living in a chaotic, cluttered home can be an enormous source of stress. In fact, many organizational experts warn that the challenge of maintaining a well-ordered home isn’t that we aren’t organized enough – it’s that we simply have too much stuff. If you’re ready to tackle this issue head-on, here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.

Be Honest About What’s Important

One problem many people face is that they keep items that they don’t actually use – because they might need it someday. When you go through your drawers, cupboards, and closets, be brutally honest with yourself. How long has it been since you’ve used each item or garment you encounter? If it’s been more than a year, it’s probably time to let the item go.

Create Storage Solutions Around Clutter-Magnets

Do you have a junk drawer that is perpetually bursting with random junk no matter how many times you clean it out? Is your dining room table a magnet for clutter? Try putting dividers in that junk drawer and labeling each section to make sure each space is intentional and clear. Set up bins and sorting trays in a cabinet or desk space near the dining table where you can route incoming paperwork and other items that don’t need to collect on whatever horizontal surface is nearby.

Give Everything a Home

If every single item in your home doesn’t have a place to live, it will end up in random locations, creating clutter, which only attracts more of the same. Make sure every single item from a screwdriver to a book has a designated place – and then be sure to return each item to its place once it’s been used.

Sort as You Go

Bring in a few large storage bins while you are decluttering – one for trash or items that cannot be repaired, one for items that can be fixed or repaired, one for recycling, one for items to give away (either to friends or to donate to shelters or thrift stores), and one for items that need to be moved to another room. This way you can clear out each room as efficiently as possible.

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