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Resident working on some crafts in a shop near Olympus Willow Park in Willow Park, Texas



If you’re one to get a little crafty, then you can relate to the mess and clutter that comes with craft supplies. Get ready to create an amazing craft corner in your home with these helpful tips to corral all your supplies and get organized.

Determine Where Your Craft Space Will Be

First things first, it’s important to assess the space you’re working with to find the nook that makes the most sense to transform into your craft corner. Do you have a closet that’s available? An awkward wall that needs to be filled? A window nook that’s ideal? Wherever the space may be, make sure there is enough light – you want to be able to see all that you have and what you are working on.

Lay the Foundation

When creating your craft corner, invest in a few pieces that serve dual purposes – a space to create and a space to store. A large table or desk, with cubby shelving on the sides offers both functionality and looks clean and organized. A workstation that can be used on both sides and provide storage at the end, like this one from KALLAX, is ideal for small spaces. And if you’re really low on usable room space, there are desks that fold down, including this one by Sparrow Peak.

Invest in an Organization System

Once you’ve got your location and the setup dialed in, it’s time to get everything organized. A utility cart on wheels is a great way to keep supplies readily available, sorted in convenient containers. If you have wall space to spare and don’t want to take up precious floor real estate, the peg board is an excellent option to store smaller craft supplies. Pair this peg board with these clear containers and you have a clear view of everything in plain sight. Pair like items together – scissors, fabric, markers, pens, etc. And for the bigger sets of items, labeled bins and boxes are key.

Above all, you want to create a craft corner that works for you. Keep only what makes you happy, and toss whatever it is that doesn’t. Excess clutter can lead to disorganization – focus on keeping it clean and creating a craft corner you’ll love. What will you create next?

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