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A close-up of a person washing a red car at a Willow Park car wash.

Get Your Car Squeaky Clean at Willow Park Car Washes

Most people lead busy lives chock full of work, commuting, and social obligations. While all those things make for fun and interesting days, lots of driving equals a dirty vehicle. When you don't have much time but need to give your ride a refresh, car washes near our Willow Park apartments can help. They will clean your car outside and in quickly and even offer monthly membership options so that you can wash your car as often as you need.

WhiteWater Express Car Wash

At WhiteWater Express Car Wash, your vehicle goes through the stages of the WhiteWater Express River Tunnel. They use the most advanced technology to guide your car through several different cleaning processes to remove stuck-on grime and debris. Best of all, you can add extra services for shiny wheels, slick windows, and a polished exterior.

At the end of your wash, enjoy extras like complimentary vacuum use, air guns for drying, mat shampooing, and more. One-time washes run from $7 to $22, and Unlimited Speed Club memberships go from $17 to $40 a month.

Rocket Carwash

Regular customers love the clean facility and helpful staff at Rocket Carwash. Choose from the basic Express Wash or mid-range Ultimate Wash. It includes services like washing the underbody of your vehicle as well as Tire Shine and Bug Prep. Go all out with the Rocket Wash. You'll get Rocket Shield Ceramic Protection, Wheel Bright, Hot Wax, and more.

Grab a towel and some spray cleaner when you want to wipe down your interior or tires yourself. There are scented and unscented options. Prices for single and unlimited washes range from $8/$20 to $24/$35.

The Washhouse Xpress

Another carwash in Willow Park is The Washhouse Xpress. As part of its practices, this car wash earned Watersavers designation from the International Car Wash Association. That means you can rest easy knowing that the used wash water gets properly treated and routed to prevent pollution to the environment. The washes are also incredibly water efficient, using less water than a typical clothes washing machine.

For a top tier wash, go for The Essential. It's $22 for a single wash or about $39 a month for VIP membership. You'll enjoy extras like 24-hour wash services and more.

On your way home from car washes near our Willow Park apartments, enjoy a tasty breakfast at local spots. Local businesses have all the good eats to enjoy a filling and yummy meal. When you want to enjoy life at Olympus Willow Park, contact us. A personal tour is the best way to check out the amenities included with our Willow Park apartments.