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Residents playing basket ball near Olympus Willow Park apartment homes in Willow Park, Texas



Basketball doesn’t always require the Kobe skills we all love and wish we had. The ball and hoop sport can be a casual and fun game with friends, family, or neighbors, and it does not require you to play tournament-style each and every game. Take advantage of Olympus Willow Park’s onsite basketball court and challenge friends to one of these four basketball games.


It’s highly likely you remember the old childhood favorite, H-O-R-S-E. In this game, each player takes a turn shooting from any desired position on the court. If the shot is made, the next player must attempt a shot at the same spot. If that player fails to make the shot, they earn an “H”. This repeats until all players, except for one, run out of letters.

Around The World

The play of the game is a lot like the name of the game. The goal is for players to consecutively shoot from around the court. Before the game begins, mark spots by using cones or tape. Typically, players start with a layup, then another spot between a layup and the free throw line, then somewhere around the three-point line. A player shoots from the first spot, if he makes it, he advances. Once a shot is not made, it’s the next player’s turn. A player is finished once they successfully move “around the world”.


This game usually starts at the free throw line, but the starting point can be determined wherever players choose. Players stand in a line, with the player first in line taking the first shot. As soon as they take the shot, the person behind them takes a shot, with the goal of trying to make it in before the first player does. If player two makes it in, player one is out. If player one makes it in, player two’s ball goes to player three, and so on. The last man standing wins.

Five In a Row

Five in a row is perfect for leveling up your shooting skills. The object of the game is to move as far away from the basket as possible, while still making each shot. Begin somewhat close to the basket, say six feet. You must make five shots in a row at that spot before your move a step back, farther from the hoop. Keep moving back, with each five consecutive shots made. The “winner” is the farthest back.

Maybe you’re not six-feet tall, maybe you don’t think you have the skills to excel at the sport — but that does not mean you can’t have a little fun on the court. Challenge your friends to one of these four basketball games to play at our onsite court at Olympus Willow Park, then make your way over to our blog page for fun ideas to do at home.