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The top view of various green succulents in pots on a white background.



Ahh, succulents. The perfect plant for brown thumbs, green thumbs, and even black thumbs. These trendy little cuties have thick, fleshy tissue that helps store water for long periods of time compared to most other plants out there – making it easy for you under-waterers to fall head over heels for these easy-to-care for greenies. Check out our rounded up list of some of the best succulents to add to your space today.


This flowering beauty not only grows quite quickly in the proper conditions, but also has the prettiest, lotus-like shape. Varying in shades of green, pink, purple, and even a soft teal color, this succulent is a must-have as part of your plant collection.

Dancing Bones Cactus

You may be wondering: Is a cactus a succulent? Why, yes, it is! All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. And this funky, yet super-cool cactus is a perfect addition to your space. Long-stemmed branches of bright green flesh make for a truly unique plant baby in your home.


The pilea is also commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, the Coin Plant, or the UFO Plant. With thin, long stems and a flat, UFO-shaped leaf at the top, this plant doesn’t look like your typical succulent – but it is! So be sure to add this one to your must-haves.

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