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A group of young men and women sitting around a table loaded with food, with cards with words written on them stuck to their foreheads.



Are you a big fan of getting together with friends and loved ones on Thanksgiving and creating memories? Are you less a fan of spending the whole day glued to the couch, watching the Lions and the Cowboys? If you answered yes to either of these, this post is for you! Check out these fun activities to bring a little extra joy to your holiday get-together.

Never Have I Ever

It’s not just an excuse for twenty-somethings to overindulge while awkwardly flexing their worldliness! Well, not exclusively, at least. This fun and funny game uses the honor system to expose people’s darkest secrets. Questions can be as innocent or raunchy as you wish, making this game adaptable for all age groups. In the non-alcoholic version, each player can receive a set number of candies or snacks, eating one with every confession. The person with the most left at the end is the “winner.” HobbyLark has a list of over 400 questions to get you started, with questions broken out into categories ranging from mild to wild.

Truth or Dare

Like Never Have I Ever, this game has a checkered past, but it can also be perfectly innocent! How it’s used is completely up to you. Here are 250 questions to use from Parade magazine. The dares are entirely at your discretion, but now is probably the perfect time for challenges involving strange food combinations.


This game is probably best if your holiday is being celebrated somewhere with lots of space – or, at least, lots of closet space. Sardines is basically the opposite of Hide & Go Seek. You begin with everyone in the group except one covering their eyes and counting to, say, 100. That one person who isn’t counting heads off to find the ideal hiding spot. When the counting is done, everyone searches. But when you find the person, instead of announcing it to the world, you join them in their hiding spot. The loser is the last person to locate the hiding spot, which at this point is stuffed full of other players like sardines in a can!

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