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Hand putting a face mask in a suitcase. There are other accessories in the bag, including a hat, a camera, and a bikini.



If you’ve completed the COVID-19 vaccination process, congratulations! The whole world is, quite literally, welcoming you with open arms. Life is about to get a little easier and more adventurous for those who have been vaccinated, and if travel plans are on your 2021 adventure list, here’s what you need to know.

Continue to Be Cautious

Current CDC travel recommendations remind us that there is a small chance that vaccinated individuals can still contract the virus – or spread it to others. It’s important to continue to practice social distancing, to avoid large crowds to the best of your ability, and of course, to wear a mask. Even if these precautions are not required in the destinations where you’re headed, it would be prudent to follow CDC recommendations wherever you go.

Do Your Research

Where are you heading? Have you checked their current COVID-19 rates of infection and determined whether or not you feel it is safe to travel there? Are they open to international travelers? Do they have additional requirements for those coming in from out of the country? Be sure to gather all the facts you need to have in order to be permitted entrance into the country upon arrival and be able to enjoy the visit with peace of mind. Check out the CDC’s international risk assessment for travelershere.

Plan Ahead for Your Return Home

Remember that all travelers coming into the United States from another country (even fully vaccinated citizens) are required to provide negative results of a COVID-19 test three days or less before air travel. You’ll want to make arrangements for that ahead of time so you don’t miss the deadline. It is highly recommended that you get tested again once you arrive in the U.S. within three to five days, in order to prevent spreading the virus. And remember to self-monitor for symptoms and get tested immediately if you experience them at any time during or after travel.

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