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Making art out of recycled glass at the Shabby Shard near Olympus Sierra Pines in The Woodlands, Texas



When most of us see a piece of broken glass, our first instinct is to pick it up and our second instinct is to recycle it by tossing it in the appropriate bin. But there's another way to recycle glass and that's at The Shabby Shard.

No, it's not an attempt to make good use of your personal trash but more a way to turn colored glass into craft works of considerable skill and appeal. It can be fanciful. It can be funny. It can bring on a smile or a tear. But it's all original and available for purchase.

It operates as a pop-up store which means you'll have to look on the website to find out when it will occur next. But in general, it tends to manifest itself on weekends at Market Street in The Woodlands.

But there's another facet to The Shabby Shard that makes it even more appealing. You can do it yourself.

The proprietress of The Shabby Shard is a hospital medical social worker who believes that making something whole out of something that is broken is good for the soul as well as the body. She feels that glass is one of the most meaningful mediums and in her class you will learn to cut and arrange it in ways that are both imaginative and insightful. Once again, check the website to find out when the next classes are offered.

And when you bring your creation home, we hope it will be to The Woodland Apartments at Olympus Sierra Pines. There, in the serenity of your own sanctuary, you can hang it on the wall or display it on a table in your private patio. Other amenities include a pool, a yoga room, a gym and a meditation center.

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