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As long as there have been television programs, there have been imitators. From family sitcoms to police procedurals, once a show is an established hit it becomes a template for new shows hoping to catch the zeitgeist wave. But why just stop with imitation when you can throw in a big ol‘ scoop of nostalgia? Enter the TV show revival – when a studio decides to cash in on the popularity of what came before. The returning cast can vary from all your favorites (looking at you, Will & Grace) to the least popular member taking center stage (looking at you, Principal Screech from Saved By The Bell: The New Class). And while not all revivals are created equal, if you’re a fan of the original property, who doesn’t enjoy catching up with old friends? So, if you’ve been hungry for some tasty nostalgia, here are the three TV show revivals that are worth checking out. If you were a fan of the original, that is.

The Twilight Zone (2019-2020, Paramount+)

Arguably television’s best anthology series, The Twilight Zone has had several revivals in the past, and for good reason. Using fiction as an allegory for current events has always been the show’s bread and butter. With Jordan Peele, writer/director of Get Out and Us at the helm, we got two fantastic seasons where the creators tackled everything from racism and gaslighting to good old-fashioned aliens. With great storytelling and plenty of well-known guest stars, this show is worth a binge-watch.

Samurai Jack (2017, Adult Swim)

If you’re not a fan, you should be. Samurai Jack ran for five seasons on the Cartoon Network with no real definitive ending. Fast forward 13 years and the show’s creator, Genndy Tartakovsky, managed to craft a compelling story and proper ending for the time traveling Samurai and his war with the evil Aku.

Dexter: New Blood (2021-2022, Showtime)

To say that the final season of the Showtime smash hit Dexter left fans a bit disappointed would be putting it mildly. While we won't get into the details here, suffice to say that the creator, Clyde Phillips, and titular lead, Michael C. Hall, felt the same way. Thus, Dexter: New Blood is born. Taking place almost a decade after the original’s run ended, Dexter has been living a murder-free lifestyle in a small town in upstate New York when his past, and dark passenger, finally catch up to him. Tense, funny, and with a hint of melancholy, Dexter: New Blood gives the character the send-off he deserves. Or does it? You'll just have to watch for yourself.

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