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A clear jar full of colorful jelly beans on a white background.



Undoubtedly the best part about spring is the candy: sweet and tart treats, chocolate in the shape of adorable animals, and all in vibrant colors. An infamous tradition come Easter time is the bean-counting challenge. Olympus Sierra Pines will have their own for residents to come in and take a guess. The winner will be announced at noon on April 20, and the closest guess without going over will win a $50 gift card!

Here are a few tips to help you topple this competition and ones in the future.

The Set-Up

To utilize this method, you will need a bag of jelly beans – preferably the same brand being used in the jar. If you know the volume the jar can hold, you can look up how many bags would fill the jar by comparing. From there, you just need to take a look at the nutrition facts, which should tell you how many cups are in a serving and how many servings are in a bag. This quick math should get you within a serving size pretty easily. This method takes quite a bit of research, and you might have to return to the jelly bean jar once or twice, but if you are a true competitor, nothing will stop you.

Counting Method


The counting method is a bit more obnoxious, but you can accomplish it in one visit with a bit of math and eye work. The first thing to establish is to ask if you are allowed to pick up the jar. That is critical, and some places have varying sets of rules. If you can, count the number of jelly beans on the bottom layer and multiply by the number of layers you see in the jar. You should always make room for a buffer. For a more scientific method, you can use your phone to work out one of these equations for a closer guess, as well.

Get Your Own

Win or lose, you need jelly beans. Head over to Jordan’s Sweet Shoppe to stock up on your own horde of beans and maybe test your new skills at home. See how close you can get and refine those guessing skills for future games. Your friends will be very impressed.

Make sure to come down to the office before April 20 to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. The closest guess without going over will win a $50 gift card. A winner will be announced at noon!

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