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Marshmallows on sticks, chocolate pieces and marshmallows in bowls, and a stack of graham crackers, all on a dark background.



Warm up this winter with a toasted treat at home. The team at Olympus Sierra Pines is putting  together s’mores kits for residents to take home and enjoy on Friday, Jan. 22. Stop by the office at 5 PM to take part in our “S’more on the Go” event. 

Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers combine to create the perfect dessert outdoors, and even indoors. If you’re planning to devour yours indoors, Olympus Sierra Pines has a few suggestions for how to prepare your s’mores.

These two methods come down to your roasting preference. When you are out camping under the stars, which do you prefer? Do you have the patience to slow roast your marshmallow to perfection or do you stick it lower in the flames for a quick – and sometimes flamey – warm up. 

Slow Bake

This recipe from the Food Network is meant for a person with patience. It suggests splitting the marshmallows in half for a more even bake at 400 degrees in the oven. The end result is certainly a gooey, golden delicious marshmallow. However, some of us prefer the taste of charcoal in our s’mores. 

An Authentic Charring

If you want to speed the process up a bit you can always stick with the broiler method. Crank the oven all the way and let your marshmallows roast for a couple of minutes. For best results, turn the marshmallows to a different side after a few minutes for a deeper brown all over. Just keep your eye on your fluffy friends or you’ll quickly end up with a charred cookie sheet. It’s one thing to sacrifice a marshmallow or two to the fire out in the woods, but your neighbors would surely appreciate minimal smoke alarm trip ups. 

Order Out

If you need more s’mores – and we do – you can stock up on supplies at the local Trader Joe’s Market in The Woodlands. Or order up ready made s’mores-inspired crepes to enjoy any time of day at Coco’s Crepes & Waffles. If you haven’t been over to try the delicious neighborhood cafe yet, you’re welcome in advance! 

Stay tuned to the Olympus Sierra Pines blog for more fun community events.