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Bowl of instant noodles with the seasoning on top next to a fork and spoon.



You never forget your childhood comfort foods. The nostalgia, the excess sodium, and the smell of simpler times blend together to create a perfect meal. Here are three great ways to recreate those childhood favorites and make them even better.

Upgraded Instant Ramen

Make 15-cent instant ramen taste like a million bucks by ditching the included seasoning packet and using your own ingredients. One recipe in particular is inspired by a Tiktok trend where you mix butter, garlic, and soy sauce to make an upgraded version of your old lunchtime favorite. It’s simple and delicious as-is, but feel free to add green onions, veggies, or even some fried spam for next-level comfort dining.


SpaghettiOs were the logical next step after your Saturday morning cereal. Remember eating a bowl of O-shaped pasta in front of the television while you watched your favorite shows? The noodles are called anelli, so you can pick up a bag for yourself and create a grownup version of the popular kids meal. Try this recipe from Bon Appetit for a fancy noodle dish with just a touch of nostalgia. 

Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls are the perfect late-night snack, last-minute meal, and all-day feel-good treat. Make your own version using Pillsbury dough and your favorite pizza ingredients. Try this recipe for a twist on the lava-hot mouth-burning bites, and feel a little more adult next time. Perfect for a party, breakfast, or anytime, really. There isn’t a time of the day when pizza isn’t good.  

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