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Plants on an end table in a model apartment at Olympus Sierra Pines in The Woodlands, Texas



Thinking about getting a houseplant but worried you might not have a green thumb? This beginners guide to houseplants will help you turn over a new leaf. Add some greenery to your The Woodlands apartment at Olympus Sierra Pines with confidence.


While it may seem overwhelming to decide what plants will thrive in a home, there are some easy tips and tricks that are almost foolproof. Take note of what windows or outdoor spaces get direct sunlight and what areas are more prone to partial light and shade. Another factor is how humid it is in the home or in the outdoor area. These simple things can help make choosing a plant very easy.


After selecting an area of your home, determine which plants will work best. If there is space for a hanging plant, something like a heart leaf philodendron can fit the bill for an array of conditions, whether it is in a well-lit or low-light area. A darker area that needs some sprucing up can be the perfect spot for a Chinese evergreen, which offers lots of green leaves as well as some flowering blooms. Succulents are also notoriously low maintenance and tend to do well in varying conditions.


Buying plants has never been easier with a host of online shops that cater to every planting need. Places like The Sill and Bloomscape cater to everyone from new plant owners to seasoned gardeners. The easy-to-use sites help buyers determine what plants are best suited for every home and space, whether indoor or outside. Larger online stores such as Amazon and Home Depot have lots of inventory and often offer a quick delivery.

With this beginners guide to houseplants, you’re all set to spruce up your space. You and your houseplants will thrive at Olympus Sierra Pines. Please contact us and check out our blog to learn more about our community.