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Gray striped cat on couch enjoying a massage.



Cat lovers rejoice, because there’s a whole lot out there that you can offer your beloved kitty to give them the happy life they deserve. Gone are the days of stir-crazy indoor cats. Take advantage of these five items that will make your cat’s life more joyous, and they’ll be purring at your feet fur-ever.

Cat Toys & More

A tired cat is a happy cat! Just because your cat may spend all of its time indoors doesn’t mean they can’t have fun all day! There are plenty of cat toys to choose from to work out their energy. Toys that resemble mice, laser pointers, string toys, toys that make sounds, and even a ball of yarn, will keep your cat entertained (and happy) for hours.

Cat Perch

Even though your cat loves the coziness of the indoors, they’re likely to be curious about the outdoors and nature. Give them a prime window viewing spot with a cat perch, something they can climb up and rest on to see all that is going on around them. Our bet is their bird-watching skills will flip into action once they can see out the window!

Cat Tree & Condo

Give your cat that indoor tree and condo they so desperately want to climb. This cat tree and condo offers claw-pleasing stable scratching posts (a must for a happy kitty) and plush surfaces to lounge on. And when they’re seeking some alone time, there’s an elevated hideaway to escape to.

Offer Catnip

A plant in the mint family, catnip contains a natural oil called nepetalactone, which has a unique effect on cats that gives them a temporary and mild natural high that makes them feel happy and carefree. You can find catnip in all forms, from dried to a spray form.

Get a Catio

For anyone who has a small outdoor space like a balcony or patio, this is a hit among cats and kitties! Give your cat some fresh air and the freedom to lounge outside within its very own “catio,” or play pen structure. With little carpentry skills and some free time, you can even build one yourself.

Give your cat the gift of happiness with these five items that are sure to keep them entertained and busy each and every day. And remember, Olympus Sierra Pines is happy to welcome your four-legged friends into our community. Be sure to visit our blog for more lifestyle tips and info on upcoming events.