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Five men dressed as different fruit and vegetables, holding hands, and smiling on a city street.



After a year of ups and downs, and not a lot going on at this time last year, Halloween 2021 is winding up to be something special. So don’t stop at a pirate’s hat and a hook for a hand. This year, choose something that people will remember. Choose something hilarious, like one of these five costumes.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man

If you love Family Guy, this might be the ideal costume to bring that treasured TV show to life! Pick your favorite color and get ready to twitch all over the place. Just try not to break anything.

Inflatable Among Us Costume

Are you a crewmate or are you an imposter? With this costume from Amazon, your friends won’t be able to tell the difference. Steer clear of vents and if anyone asks, you were completing tasks in storage. Even if they don’t understand the reference, the costume is hilarious enough on its own to win any costume contest.

Inflatable ET Costume

Ever dreamed of being carried away by aliens in the middle of the night? Now you can live the nightmare all day long! This funny costume uses your legs in place of the alien’s to give the appearance of a green monster carrying a short-legged you, with your head and arms. Hilarious!

Trading Places

Here’s a hilarious pet and person costume based on the movie premise of a grown person and child getting struck by lightning or touching some magical talisman so their bodies and minds are switched! Now, what if it was a person and their pet instead? That’s the idea behind this costume. Dress your pet up in tiny-sized versions of clothing similar to what you like to wear, and maybe a wig, and then put on a pet costume styled after your little buddy. Voila! Who’s really the animal? Nobody knows. (These dog sneakers might be a good place to start.)

Error 404 Shirt

If you work in tech at all, or you’re just on the lazy side, this is a funny option that doesn’t take much work. Just get an old white T-shirt and scrawl “Error 404, Costume Not Found” on the front of it, and you’re ready to roll! (If you’re especially lazy, you can even buy this costume premade from Amazon.)

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