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Come and meet the Olympus Sierra Pines staff this Friday, March 26, at 5 PM. Food and drinks will be available for residents, for a little meet and greet! This is a great opportunity to get to know each other and meet a few of your neighbors. If you're not sure you want to come, here are four reasons you should join us this Friday.

Free Food & Drinks

That's right – free stuff! Even if you're not a people person, everyone has to eat. Come for the complimentary offerings and maybe try a conversation or two. But no pressure.

Become More Than a Tenant

One reason the staff at Olympus Sierra Pines is excited to meet you is to put a face – and a personality – to your name. Our relationship with you is essential to making sure you are happy and enjoying home to the fullest!

See Your Neighbors

This Friday is a great chance to chat with your neighbors! Bond over shared interests and the aforementioned food and drink, and feel more involved in the local community by learning who lives next to you.

Swap Suggestions

Whether you've lived in The Woodlands your whole life or just moved into town, meeting others in the area is a great chance to gather local suggestions. Where is the best place for coffee around town? Is that steakhouse worth the hype? Your next favorite restaurant could be one neighborly suggestion away.

Whether you come to fill your belly, meet the staff, or greet your neighbors, we're excited to get to see you this Friday, March 26. Head on over, starting at 5 PM, and get to know the community a little better.

If you're looking for great suggestions of fun things to do around The Woodlands, read up on the Olympus Sierra Pines blog.