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Resident getting in a home workout at Olympus Auburn Lakes in Spring, Texas



When limited to exercising at home, apartment-friendly workouts fit your time, budget, and fitness needs. Working out in our Auburn apartments is a safe and effective way to reduce stress. Plus, you choose the type, intensity, and duration of your workout session. Choose one of these apartment-friendly workout options:


A circuit workout requires 20 minutes and no equipment. Turn on your favorite playlist, and after a three-minute walk in place, perform a strengthening exercise such as squats for one minute. Rest or march in place for 30 seconds. Perform another strengthening exercise such as crunches for one minute. Rest or step in place for 30 seconds. Repeat the pattern for your desired duration. Then cool down with a slow walk around your apartment. Finish with flexibility exercises.


Browse YouTube for a variety of certified instructor-led aerobic workouts. Search for former favorites such as exercise step videos from the 1990s and laugh at the exercise wear, while you sweat stress away. Perform step workouts without the step if you are a beginner or have limited access to equipment. For a non-virtual, at-home aerobic alternative, dance, march in place, or hula-hoop for 30 minutes.


Every other day, participate in strength-training workouts to enhance your muscular strength and endurance. Locate these apartment-friendly workouts online, search your On-Demand cable options, or request DVDs from your local library.


One or two days a week, choose a stretching workout to release muscle tension and enhance your mind-body connection. Aim to try something new such as yoga, Tai Chi, or Pilates. Search online for these workout options or browse social media for instructors offering virtual classes.

Extended time at home does not equal a loss in your fitness gains. The apartments in Auburn provide a comfortable environment for your at-home workouts, so contact us today.