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Workers from home at Olympus Auburn Lakes in Spring, Texas



Working from the comfort of home can be challenging if you're trying to work through distractions. Here are a few tips to help you stay productive:


Remember that whatever you're dealing with, it's perfectly normal not to have your average level of focus. Give yourself permission to not get as much done. Stressing about it isn't going to help right now! If you allow yourself time to get your bearings, your productivity will come back as you get better at dealing with the current situation.


Back when you worked in the office, you had a routine of driving to work every morning helped to signal to your brain that it was time to work. You'll have different cues now that you're working from home, but establishing a schedule and sticking to it will help your brain learn the difference between home-work time and home-relax time.


While setting up that routine, don't forget to leave yourself plenty of time for breaks! Take fifteen minutes here or there to get away from your desk and decompress, and make sure you take your lunch break away from the computer. Try to get outside and take a walk at least once a day, or take the time to work out in your apartment, as adding some movement to your day will help you feel less cooped up.


Sometimes something as small as what you choose to focus on can make a huge difference. For instance, maybe it's challenging to concentrate on work at home, but hey, at least you're able to work from home! Or if you're going through something life-changing, maybe this is your opportunity to assess what in your life is worth keeping and what needed to change anyway. Finding the positives in the situation can change your entire frame of mind.

If you still feel like you can't focus on work from home, maybe it's time to consider a new apartment, one that will better support your lifestyle. For more information about our community, contact us today, or take a virtual tour of our Auburn apartments.