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A person fishing as the sun sets.



Fishing is one of the best ways to relax and take in your surroundings, whether you’re on the water or sitting on the shore. Immerse yourself in peace and serenity – and prepare for an adrenaline rush, as you feel your line tug and watch your bobber disappear. If you’re new to the sport, follow these steps to catch your first fish.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Peruse possible locations and pick the one that matches your vision of your first fishing experience. Are you looking for somewhere quiet, surrounded by nature? Or maybe you’re looking for a shoreline spot, where you can set up camp for the day and play some music. Determine what you’re looking for, and do some research to find the perfect match.

Get Your Gear

Fishing can be a basic hobby done in your downtime or it can be a vigorous sport requiring advanced equipment. For simple fishing, make sure you have a beginner’s pole, hooks, bobbers, and bait. There are several options for fishing kits, complete with the pole hooked and lined so it’s all ready to go. Grab some bait, as well. Choose minnows, worms, or even corn.

Practice Casting Your Line

Bait your hook, and get ready to throw your line. Casting your line can be a bit tricky, but after a couple practice runs, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Hold down the button on your reel and in one smooth motion, you’ll pull back the line and then bring the rod forward and let go of the button to release the line. Once you’ve successfully cast, watch for your bobber to go under, then quickly reel in your lunch.

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