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Microphone at comedy club near Olympus Auburn Lakes in Spring, Texas



If you want to laugh more in 2020, what better way to do that at one of the great comedy clubs near our Spring, Texas apartments? Whether you're looking for stand-up comedy, improv shows, or interested in becoming a comedian yourself, there are many options to choose from not far from your residence at Olympus Property. Check out some of our favorites!


CSz Houston, also known as ComedySportz Houston, is a venue that hosts "side-splitting" improv comedy team battles. At CSz you can expect to see two teams of improvisers battle against each other using audience volunteers and suggestions as their material. You will see short games, songs, and scenes all made up on the spot! In addition to their shows, CSz Houston offers improv classes, team-building exercises, and various other group events.


Located not far from our beautiful Spring, Texas apartments, Station Theater is another well-known improv club that offers many different shows and events to enjoy. A favorite event at Station Theater is the College Improv Tournament that pits improv teams from different colleges such as Texas A&M, Rice University, and the University of Houston against each other. The entire tournament happens on one day, so you can cheer for your favorite teams from beginning to end!


Beta Theater is a comedy club that hosts all types of comedy events including stand-up and improv. Beta Theater is known for its vast array of comedy classes that a new or experienced comedian can participate in. The classes are titled and ranked based on what level the class is for, for example, a Level 1 Improv class would be for beginner improv comedians, and a Level 5 Improv class would be for more advanced comedians. 

These are just three of the many comedy venues you can find near our Spring, Texas apartments. If you want to laugh more this year, we highly suggest checking out one of these places. Contact us for more information!