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Couple wearing ugly Christmas sweaters



It’s the holidays and that means pulling out your ugliest Christmas sweater for our upcoming, December 24th competition. Check out our tips on putting together a look so monstrous you win the grand prize, a $100 gift card.

Use Holiday Movies as Inspiration

Remember the hideous sweater Jim Carrey wore in “The Grinch,” complete with LED lights? You can get one, too! (Extra points if you pair it, as he did, with lederhosen.) Or you could go with a "Home Alone"-inspired sweater. Or one that features an overly-excited Buddy from "Elf."

Create a Complete Ensemble

Don’t just stop at the sweater – go for a complete look. Pair a "Stranger Things"-themed sweater with neon ’80s leggings, high top sneakers, layered socks, and plastic bangle bracelets. Complement a sweater that looks like a mini Christmas tree – complete with hanging ornaments hanging all over – by adding gaudy, holiday-themed accessories and a Santa hat.

Take It to a New Level

You’re always free to venture beyond sweaters. Try something completely outside the box like a holiday-themed sequined blazer. Or a reindeer hoodie with antlers. You’ll be the star of the show.

Get Creative

You can still make a splash with the right sweater by adding an unexpected element. For instance, get a sweater that comes with a stuffed moose emerging from the front and back. What’s the point of this ridiculous sweater? We don’t know and we don’t care – it’s hilarious and most definitely ugly. Or how about these hideous holiday ponchos that come in Santa, elf, snowman, and reindeer-with-a-bowtie designs? It’s unclear if Kohls is on the joke or not, which makes them even more wonderful.

Always Add Bows

That’s the takeaway. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, top it off with a butterfly knot. This button-up sweater not only features ugly holiday designs but also a genuine bow, which takes its ugliness off the charts. If you don’t have a sweater with a bow on it, you can always add a clip-on.

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