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An illustration of a football player throwing a ball to another player who’s being tailed by a defensive player



You can’t stream a show or turn on the TV without seeing them selling everything from insurance (a whole lot of insurance) to sneakers. Here are five of the NFL’s most influential endorsers in recent history.

Peyton Manning

He’s the face of Nationwide. He’s crushed spots for MasterCard, Sprint, Papa John’s, DirecTV, and countless other big brands. He even killed it on Saturday Night Live. Yes, few NFL players can rival Peyton Manning’s endorsement game – even though he’s been retired from football for more than five years! The Hall of Fame quarterback’s off-the-charts business savvy and cunning sense of humor will likely keep him in the advertising spotlight for years to come.

Tom Brady

Infinitely business-savvy, this ageless GOAT makes a killing off the field. According to Forbes, Brady was poised to rake in $45 million in off-field earnings this year. Think about it. He’s all over your screens these days, peddling everything from Subway sandwiches he’d never actually eat to cryptocurrency. And don’t forget about his own TB12 nutrition supplement company.

Odell Beckham Jr.

One of few non-quarterbacks to make such a substantial endorsement splash in recent years, OBJ is on this list for the sheer size of his 2017 shoe deal with Nike – an estimated $25 million. It’s easily one of the most lucrative shoe deals ever inked by an NFL player. While Nike probably isn’t seeing quite the return on investment it hoped for thanks to Beckham’s recent issues with injuries and ineffectiveness, such a massive cash haul is noteworthy nonetheless.

Aaron Rodgers

The Rodgers rate. Discount double check. Aaron Rodgers is responsible for some of State Farm’s most memorable catchphrases. Recent vaccine controversy notwithstanding, Rodgers remains one of the league’s most prominent pitchmen in recent history.

Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback not only owns one of the richest contracts in sports history, but he’s also very much on his game in the advertising world. You’ve surely seen his chats with Jake from State Farm a time or two. You’ll also see him in ads for Head & Shoulders, DirecTV, and more.

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