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Fresh sauerkraut in a large wooden spoon



In a world exhausted by endless packages of processed foods made by corporations, independent food brands are starting to make a name for themselves. These companies want to celebrate truly good (and by good, we mean delicious) food with robust flavors made for our too-often neglected palates. Here are some of the coolest on the market.

Brassica & Brine

Who knew sauerkraut could be so hip? With its old-fashioned packaging and cute, alliterative name, this brand is fast becoming a favorite among fermented food connoisseurs. Their unique flavors, like The Four Thieves, which features lavender, sage, rosemary, and thyme, keep the spotlight on the main ingredient (the cabbage), but with the addition of a fun burst of flavor.

Belle Chevre

This company takes goat’s milk cheese to a whole new level. Their modern, chic packaging reflects their approach to cheese-making: high-end yet accessible. They carry a whole line of cream cheeses with various flavors from honey to coffee, as well as jars of spreadable cheeses and discs like Greek Kiss and Southern Belle. They even stock the perfect companions for their cheeses including crackers and jalapeno jellies.

Herr’s Chips

Fans of The Office remember this brand as the snack food that brought Jim and Karen together. It’s been around for more than fifty years and with good reason: their chips are an American classic. From classic BBQ to Ketchup flavor, you can’t go wrong with these beloved snacks.

TCHO Chocolate

These chocolates take “cool” to a whole new level. TCHO understands that cocoa beans are like wine – there are a variety of nuanced flavors, many of which are ignored by chocolate manufacturers. This company celebrates the many flavors of chocolate and helps customers to do so with the use of their flavor wheel. Their love of design is reflected in their bold, artistic packaging, and they offer more flavor options than most other brands.

Quinn Popcorn

What’s cooler than a food company that is actively engaged in reforming agricultural practices in order to create a more sustainable system? This socially-conscious brand is doing just that with business practices that include boots-on-the-ground environmental efforts. They also happen to make some of the best microwave popcorn in the country.

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