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A woman sitting on a sofa in a messy living room while talking on the phone.



Follow along as we walk you through the feng shui faux-pas you might be making, along with some simple fixes.

1. Obstructing the Flow From Your Front Door

When opening the door to your home, the flow should be effortless. The entryway should invite you into the next room without any oversized decor pieces or awkward furniture in the way. To really take a look at the flow of your home’s entrance, begin outside your door and come into the space as if you were a guest.

The fix: Start by clearing any clutter from the floor. If you store shoes at the door, instead of having a rack on the floor, try a modern shoe cabinet instead. Place a pretty rug in a muted color at the entry, or roll out a geometric runner that helps draw you into the rest of the room.

2. Massive Furniture

As you make your way further into your apartment, are you met with a big, bulky sectional? Are dark wood or black furniture making your home feel heavy?

The fix: Try rearranging furniture for a total in-home refresh. Consider swapping out a large coffee table, with something sleeker (and affordable) or go for set of nesting tables instead. Scope out your bedroom furniture – is there too much in the space? Is there a pile of laundry on the floor in the corner? Try lightening up the room and creating a dreamy vibe with a beautiful, solid wood bed frame and add a pretty woven basket in the corner to corral your dirty clothes.

3. Wall-Itis Syndrome

Look around your home – is almost every single piece of furniture or decor item up against a wall? Then you just might have wall-itis! 

The fix: If you have a smaller sofa or loveseat, pull it away from the wall by about a foot and place a pretty sofa table between your sofa and the wall. Place some eye-catching decor elements on top and add a table lamp for a bit of mood lighting. You could also add a cozy accent chair to float away from the wall and place a cute footstool or pouf in front of it for an added decorative touch. Let’s say you have a large sectional sofa and none of the above are options. Try adding a large, free-standing plant somewhere in your space to help draw your eye away from the walls.

4. Square & Rectangle Everything

Square coffee tables, rectangular sofas and beds, rectangular artwork and TVs – take note of how many boxy-shaped items are in your home. It’s time to shake things up a bit!

The fix: Try swapping out your coffee table for the round or triangular-shaped nesting tables mentioned above, or hang up a hexagon mirror on the wall. A few of these quick swaps will have your home looking chic and way less boxy.

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