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Resident taking a wine course from the comfort of his home at Tacara at Westover Hills in San Antonio Texas



Want to learn more about wine? As you can imagine, there are hundreds of classes and gatherings available to the public, but often at prohibitive prices. The solution? Online courses, which are a fraction of the cost, and often allow participants to get more one-on-one time with instructors than they would in a real classroom. Here are a few to try.

Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis

This UC Davis online course is all about training yourself to understand the art of wine tasting. It outlines the physical process, helps you build a sensory vocabulary, learn more about wines and their general flavors, understand wine and food pairings, and it even includes a “final” – you’ll get the chance to use your skills to assess a specific wine. And best of all, this course is free.

Wine Folly

Created and taught by wine expert Madeline Puckette, this course dives deeply, yet efficiently, into the vocabulary of the wine industry, navigating wine menus, wine tasting tips, and expanding one’s palate. It includes a PDF guide and more than two hours of video content – all for just $19.

Online Wine School

This educational and recreational experience is ever-evolving, always offering new courses at a variety of prices – from inexpensive to extravagant. These classes build on each other, so you can continue to grow your knowledge as you go. They also offer certification programs for people who really want to get serious about wine.

World of Wine: From Grapes to Glass

This 6-week course offers students access to an extensive body of knowledge far beyond just the tasting experience. They break down the art of winemaking and vineyard management, too. And how much will you pay for this incredible wealth of knowledge? Nothing! It’s free. You can, however, pay for a certification of completion if you want to use this class for professional development.

Online Wine Course

Want something a little less formal? Try this completely self-directed (and free) course from Wine Folly. It’s delivered in the format of a YouTube playlist featuring videos by internationally-recognized wine experts. The series includes 20 videos that run from 5 minutes to 1 hour, making it a simple, accessible way to increase your knowledge about wine tasting.

So pop that cork and get ready to learn! Looking for more fun lifestyle and hobby inspiration? Check out our other blog posts.