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Puppy drinking out of a wine glass



Dog-gonnit, dogs deserve a little taste of “adult” beverages, too! Crack a cold one with your pooch by your side with these five “adult” non-alcoholic beverages made especially for your pup. Paws up. It’s time to “cheers” to dog grog!

Dög Pawrignon

Grab yourself your own bottle of Dom Pérignon and pair it with your pup’s very own version of Dög Pawrignon, a champagne for dogs made by the folks at Pet Winery. Perhaps you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, doggy brunch, or another one of life’s little celebrations. Pop the bottle of Pawrignon and toast to your four-legged best friend.

Dog Brew by Busch

One of your favorite beer brands, Busch, has recently launched a brew just for pups, Dog Brew. The all-natural “beer” is brewed from bone broth, making it an incredibly healthy and nutritious option for your pup. With no alcohol or hops, its blend of flavors is designed to satisfy your pup’s palate, including bone-in pork butt, corn, celery, basil, mint, turmeric, ginger, and water. You can taste it yourself, but you’ll likely want to stick to your own beverage.

Zinfantail Dog Wine

Doggy need a breath mint? Try out Zinfantail Dog Wine, made by the creators of specialty pet wines, Apollo Peak. Zinfantail is a peppermint-infused faux wine made with beets to imitate that classic red color. This dog wine actually relaxes your pup, due to the peppermint extract that acts as a mild sedative once ingested (yes, it’s safe for dogs).

Dawg Grog

A 100% vegetarian option, Dawg Grog is a tasty liquid treat made from brewer’s wort, containing good-for-your-dog things like glucosamine and mineral supplements. Serve it as a single treat, or mix it into their food or water – it’s all good after a sip of Dawg Grog.

Bowser Beer

The original beer for dogs, Bowser Beer, brewed its first batch of canine beer back in 2007, along with their line of fun and healthy American-made dog treats. A true family business, you’ll feel good supporting the company while quenching your pup’s thirst with a no-added salt or fat, non-carbonated beverage for your pooch.

Whether a wild Friday night in with your pooch is calling or there’s a special birthday celebration that deserves a “cheers,” stock your dog’s bar with these five “adult” beverages. For more pet fun, check out our blog at Tacara at Westover Hills.