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Woman wearing headphones, playing Nintendo Switch in portable mode.



Releasing April 30 on Nintendo Switch, New Pokémon Snap still seems like such an unlikely follow up to the original Pokémon Snap, launched on Nintendo 64 in 1999. Despite the large gap between the releases, the second entry will offer gameplay similar to its predecessor, featuring first-person simulation with rail shooter mechanics, and tasking the player with taking pictures of wild Pokémon. Let’s take a look at everything we’re excited to experience in New Pokémon Snap!

Lental Region

The game will be set in the new Lental region. Featuring jungles, deserts, and beaches, you’ll be exploring a vast landscape. Players assist Professor Mirror to research Pokémon in their natural environment. Trailers showcase an array of Pokémon from different generations, so part of the fun will be discovering all of them that appear in the game.

Raichu Surfing

Look, we already know it’s in the game, but we desperately need to see a surfing Alolan Raichu for ourselves. But seriously, the game’s animation is a big step up after the mixed reaction to Pokémon Sword & Shield. While the Switch isn’t a technical powerhouse, games like New Pokémon Snap show how far art direction can carry a game’s reception.

Photo Editor

New Pokémon Snap’s photo editor lets you retool your pictures. Expect essential features like brightness and blur adjustment, along with stickers, frames, and more. More interestingly, the game includes a system that allows you to upload your pictures to share online and receive upvotes from other players around the world – encouraging creative expression. We can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Ultimately, New Pokémon Snap promises to be a fun, chill game that caters to your nostalgia in all the best ways. For more on entertainment, lifestyle tips, and upcoming local and community events, visit the Tacara at Westover Hills blog.