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Beautiful floral arrangement including beautiful dried pink King Proteas and delicate thryptomene flowers, in a stylish pink vase, on a rustic table cloth.



You’ve been looking through the interior decorating magazines – and maybe binge-watching a few home improvement shows on HGTV – and you can’t stop thinking about creating that beautiful Parisian vibe. Though this look is typically accomplished primarily through structural elements (think marble fireplaces and herringbone-patterned wood floors), we can help you find easy, accessible details to give your home that Parisian flair that has caught your eye.

Gilded Mirrors

Nothing captures the Parisian look like gilded mirrors – and the more intricate, the better. If you can’t find one ready-made within your budget, just head to the Alamo Antique Mall or a nearby thrift store. You might find one at a discounted price. And don’t forget, you can always pick up a mirror with a wooden or painted frame and simply give it a makeover with a little metallic spray paint to give it that Versailles elegance. Lean a large mirror against a wall or display a collection of them with several smaller mirrors grouped together.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers bring an understated elegance to the décor, and are an essential ingredient for that Parisian look. Try a bundle of Afloral’s Globe Amaranth or Queen Anne’s Lace. Better yet, pick up a bunch or two of their dried lavender for that nod to the French countryside. Arrange these in an intricately designed metal or white ceramic vase. Or check in with Valerie’s Dried Floral Designs to find out when their beautiful arrangements will be making the rounds at San Antonio’s street fairs and farmer’s markets.

Chandelier Table Lamp

When chandeliers aren’t an option, fool the eye and try a chandelier table lamp, instead. There are lots of options for table lamps that mimic the designs of chandeliers – for instance, featuring strings of crystals hanging down from the shade. This will lend so much to the Parisian style you want to capture even when you aren’t able to have a real chandelier.

Minimalist Furniture

If you’re going to follow the rules of Parisian décor and focus on lush and intricate details, then you’ll want to balance that out with minimalist furniture just like they do in Paris. Try cane furniture, like this elegant Rattan Café Armchair from West Elm, or the Claes Velvet Recessed Arm Sofa from Wayfair for that antique charm.

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