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A person dressed as a leprechaun leaps in the air.



St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near, and Tacara at Westover Hills is going all in on the fun. Swing by the leasing office on March 17 to show off your green attire and enter our raffle for an Irish dinner for two. On March 18, the Tacara game room is where it’s at. Come on down and join us for a night of bingo. We’ll have snacks and drinks for all ages.

Get ready for our St. Patrick’s Day festivities with these five fun facts about leprechauns.

What Is a Leprechaun?

According to the World History Encyclopedia, leprechauns are “figures in Irish folklore who guard hidden treasure.” And, yep, that hidden treasure is most often a pot of gold. Leprechauns are thought to be solitary mischief-makers with a knack for nimbly evading capture. Now on to those fun facts:

1. They’re Shoemakers

Guarding pots of gold takes you only so far in life, so it stands to reason leprechauns need day jobs. These tiny green creatures’ profession of choice? According to Irish mythology, it’s shoemaking!

2. Leprechauns Are All Dudes

Leprechauns are all guys! At least as they are shown in Irish folklore. Who knew?

3. They Don’t Always Wear Green

Green is far and away the prevailing color donned by present-day leprechauns, but did you know some of the earliest accounts of these creatures described them as wearing red?

4. What Does the Word Leprechaun Mean?

This one’s hardly a stunner, but it’s a cool fact nonetheless. The word leprechaun means “small body.” It hails from the Old Irish word lūchorpān. Lū translates to small and corp means body.

5. Leprechauns Are Fairies

Leprechauns are said to be a type of fairy – a gritty, devious, vice-prone brand of fairy.

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