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Light colored bed sheets with morning sunshine coming in from the window.



South-facing windows and sunny skies makes for the perfect indoor natural lighting. But if you have stormy horizons, north-facing views, or trees in the way, there’s no guarantee you’ll have those prime in-home lighting conditions. So, here’s three ways to give your apartment that airy feel you love so much.

1. Swap Out Curtains

Ditch those thick, heavy, and dark colored curtains for something much brighter. Fine linen window dressings, like these, allow for some of the natural sunlight to peek through the fibers of the fabric – and be sure to open up your curtains and window coverings first thing in the morning to maximum the light capacity.

2. Add Mirrors

Bring a mirror into each room and place it close to a natural lighting source. Then, just let it do what it does best: Reflect light. Whether it’s placed near a patio door or just a bedroom window, adding in a mirror to your home is a great way to draw in more lighting. Try putting up a decorative wall mirror as an art element or use a standing mirror to add a statement piece to your apartment.

3. Check Your Furniture & Artwork

Nothing drags down the airy feel of a home more than heavy and dark art or furniture pieces. Scan your apartment for any bulky couches, chairs, coffee tables, bed frames, or dressers that could be blocking your natural lighting sources. And be sure to check your walls for dark frames or photos. Swap out any dreary items with light colored furniture pieces and softer artwork.

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