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A woman is smiling with her eyes closed in a park.



Every year at this time, we all scramble to come up with resolutions and goals to take into the New Year. They usually center on measurable outputs like productivity or weight loss.

But what about setting resolutions that help lower your stress, improve sleep and digestion, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety? Does that sound like an intimidating goal to tackle? Well, fear not, because you can accomplish all of that with the simple practice of mindfulness.

Here are a few resolutions that can help you with this mental practice.

Take a Daily Mindful Walk

Most physically-oriented resolutions are about achieving goals that exist in the future – for instance, losing weight. Even our mindset around working out tends to focus on the endgame, leaving us grinding through a workout with our minds firmly fixed on the moment we finish. Try flipping the script and adding a fitness routine into your day that asks you to take notice of the present moment rather than observing the time and distance of your walk.

Notice the sensations of being in your body. Pay attention to your breathing. Note the way your feet hit the ground. Feel into your joints. Look at the world around you and take note of everything you see: neighbors, cars, birds, trees, dogs, road signs. Be in the present moment with every step.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a particularly challenging resolution to tackle – especially for people who notoriously over-give to others and do not take time to care for themselves. This practice is incredibly flexible and can be adapted to any need or lifestyle. It might look like giving yourself a spa day once a week. Perhaps it means indulging in a massage from time to time or taking a nap on the weekends. Perhaps it includes taking more time to cook nutritious meals or carving out ten minutes a day to read from your favorite books. No matter what you do, really focus on the moment and be fully present.

Track Your Habits

Many habits are the product of old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. In other words, they become mindless (a.k.a. non-mindful) behaviors and patterns. Check out Charles Duhigg’s bestseller The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business to examine why you do what you do – and how to change it.

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