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Friends dancing at a Halloween party at Olympus Woodbridge



Don’t feel like going out this year to celebrate Halloween? We don’t blame you. But don’t let that stop you from celebrating all things ghostly and ghoulish! Olympus Woodbridge has put together a quick list of simple spine-tingling costume ideas that will help you get into the Halloween spirit.

Pick Something & Make It Dead

Don’t get us wrong. If you have the skill and wherewithal to go all out with something extravagant like a DIY Maleficent costume, do it. But sometimes we overthink things. You know what makes a good Halloween costume? Something dead. That’s right. Are you an office worker by day? Well, splash a little stage blood on your face – now you’re a dead office worker! (Bonus: As a cadaver, you have legit reason to call off work.) If you’ve been spending a lot of time in your Olympus kitchen, slap on your apron, paint your face up like a skull, and try out one of these spooky recipes. Bone appétit!

Stick to the Classics

Vampires are always a fang-tastic choice. Plus, you can keep it super simple. Really, all you need is a pair of vampire fangs and maybe a dribble of blood, and you’re good. Just don’t bite anyone – unless they’re eager to join the undead! Looking for something less bloodthirsty? A tube of green facepaint can pretty easily turn you into Frankenstein’s monster.

Mask It Up

When all else fails, you can just get yourself a scary mask. It may not be the most creative, but sometimes any amount of time is too much time to get prepared. No shame in that. Just be warned that many cheap options tend to smell like they were pulled out of a grave. But hey, is it truly a Halloween costume if you don’t exude at least one foul stench?

We hope we’ve helped you come up with some ideas! Visit the Olympus Woodbridge blog for more on local events and lifestyle advice!