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Delicious banana split sundae at an ice cream shot near Olympus Woodbridge



Did you know that there’s an entire day devoted to celebrating the ice cream sundae? No one can pinpoint the true origin of this indulgent dessert, but its appearance in the late 1800s caused quite a stir – and we’re still enjoying this sweet treat today.

Here are some fun recipes to help you celebrate.

Movie Theater Sundae

Pick your favorite ice cream and cover it with movie theater favorites – the more, the better. M&Ms, Junior Mints, Raisinets … and how about some caramel corn to top it off? This one begs to be eaten while watching movies on the sofa.

Maple Pecan Bacon Sundaes

Bacon in a sundae? Heck yeah. It’s just as good as those maple bacon donuts. You can serve these sundaes in bowls, sundae dishes, or on top of a waffle for something a little more filling.

Grilled Donut Sundae

If you love glazed donuts and ice cream sundaes, why not put them together? You can even grill these on the barbecue or toss them under your oven broiler. Cut them in half, like a bagel, scoop on the ice cream, put the top on, cover the whole thing with your favorite toppings, and you have the ultimate indulgence.

Froot Loops Sundae

This insanely over-the-top sundae features sherbet, raspberry syrup, and Froot Loops – yes, as in the cereal. It’s meant to be a colorful explosion of sweet, fruity flavors. If you limit this sundae to sherbets and sorbets and use a non-dairy whipped cream, it can even be a vegan treat.

S’mores Sundae

This high-end recipe includes homemade graham cracker ice cream and homemade, blow-torched marshmallows. If you don’t want to go to all the extra trouble of making everything from scratch, no problem – you can add graham crackers to store-bought vanilla ice cream or crush them and sprinkle them on top. And, of course, you can easily use store-bought marshmallows or even marshmallow crème. If you’d prefer crunchy chocolate, just use broken pieces of a candy bar or chocolate chips in place of the hot fudge.

Irish Cream Sundae

Need a little kick? Make a classic sundae and drizzle a little Baileys Irish Cream over the top. Yum.

For more tips on over indulging, visit the Olympus Woodbridge blog.


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