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Among all the new trends in health and fitness, it’s easy to lose sight of tried-and-true exercise routines that simply work. While it isn’t trendy or buzzworthy, swimming delivers tremendous health benefits that can transform your fitness. So whether you do laps at the Olympus Woodbridge swimming pool or head to your favorite swimming beach at Lavon Lake, here are five reasons why you should fit swimming into your routine.

It’s a Whole-Body Burner

Every time you hop in the water, you have no choice but to engage every muscle, and that means swimming delivers an effective total body workout. While you’re paddling through the water, you’ll recruit strength from all over your body, and the results for your fitness are awesome. In the gym, you might be tempted to focus on one muscle group or one form of exercise, but in the water, swimming forces you to do it all. Build strength, power, and endurance. Work every muscle from head to toe. Leave no stone unturned. As a bonus, because it exhausts muscles all over your body, swimming even leads to better sleep, since your body knows it needs time for those muscles to recover.

It Can Be High-Intensity But Low-Impact

What if you could burn calories and build up cardio fitness like you would running but skip all the stress on your joints? That’s what you get with swimming! As a low-impact cardiovascular exercise, swimming improves heart and lung function for a better quality of life. And unlike running, which can wear on your joints and lead to foot, ankle, and knee injuries, swimming doesn’t ask your body to pound the pavement again and again. If you’re recovering from an injury – or just want to avoid one – swimming is a smart choice.

It Won’t Cost an Arm & a Leg

In a world of $200 monthly gym memberships, swimming lets you opt out and get a killer workout while paying little to nothing. A small investment in a suit, goggles, and a swim cap can go a really long way. Even if you choose to go with an indoor pool membership, prices are relatively reasonable. Sometimes the key to elevating your fitness is finding a routine that’s sustainable, and minimizing cost is one way to keep yourself pushing forward.

It Clears Your Mind While You Work Your Body

Studies show that any form of exercise can improve your mental health, but swimming has unique benefits in addition to releasing endorphins. By encouraging slow, methodical breathing, swimming works to improve lung function and decrease stress. Unlike other physically demanding forms of exercise, swimming can be relaxing, calming, and meditative. Water-based exercise brings special benefits for people living with depression and other health conditions, too. The refreshing, immersive experience of being in the water can do wonders for anyone.

It’s a Lifelong Challenge

You probably weren’t running marathons at age five, and most likely you won’t be maxing out your back squat at 75. Swimming stands out as an exercise you can pursue at any age. It’s simple to learn, and there’s no special equipment or weights required, so even kids can join a swim workout. For older adults who want to stay active and have different capabilities physically, swimming provides an accessible alternative to other forms of exercise with more potential for injury. Swimming fits anybody and any body, and it could just be the secret to keeping you fit for many years to come.

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