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Pup napping with his owner on the couch in their new home at Olympus Woodbridge in Sachse, Texas



Looking for the ideal apartment dog? Olympus Woodbridge is here to help with this list of five breeds that make the perfect roommate.

French Bulldog

For starters, these stout, short-legged little beasts are adorable and downright hilarious. If that’s not enough to make you want one, then consider that they’re relatively low energy and can get a lot of that energy out in a small space (those short legs, ya know?). Did we mention how cute they are? Read more about the breed on the American Kennel Society’s French bulldog page.

Bichon Frise

These little fluff balls make fantastic apartment citizens. They’re tiny (usually weighing in at less than 12 pounds full grown), playful, loving and loyal as can be, and – a big bonus – they’re hypoallergenic. You can’t go wrong! They are playful and highly intelligent, so you will need to make sure they get their fill of exercise – more so than some of the other breeds on this list. Check out the AKC’s Bichon Frise page for a more detailed look at this peppy breed.

Boston Terrier

A small breed typically weighing in at under 25 pounds, Bostons aren’t overly energetic. They’re playful, to be sure, but their tiny legs mean your apartment will offer up plenty of room to roam. Check out this great read from the Boston Terrier Society article that details why they are such a fantastic fit for apartments.


A breed known for its blazing speed surely wouldn’t make a great apartment dog. Think again. Greyhounds are super calm, sweet tempered, and sleep much of the day. Of course, they love to show off that blazing speed now and again – but that’s what the Olympus Woodbridge’s brand-new dog park is for! The AKC has the full scoop on the breed.


Besides their smooshed faces and epic snorts, pugs are also known for being good apartment dogs. They’re small, built to be indoors, and don’t demand much in the way of exercise. Still need convincing? Pug Lovers Guide breaks down why this breed makes such a great apartment pet.

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