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Couple sitting on couch with Christmas blanket watching movies



You’ve probably seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Love, Actually” about twelve billion times by now, right? And maybe you feel like you’re going to throw your television out the window if you have to sit through one more showing of “Home Alone.” Fortunately, there are other holiday movie options out there may not have seen quite so many times – if at all. Read on for a few of our all-time favorites.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

This 1992 retelling of Charles Dickens’ class Christmas tale still holds its own today thanks to the hilarious banter between narrators Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat, as well as Miss Piggy’s over-the-top performance as Mrs. Cratchit. It also happens to feature genuinely good music that won’t make you want to hit fast-forward.


The sentimentality of this 1989 film, which could have so easily been its undoing, is expertly restrained by Sam Elliot’s gruff portrayal of a cynical widower struggling to take care of his two children. His daughter stumbles upon a wounded reindeer in the woods and she begs her father to bring it home so they can help it heal. The little girl becomes convinced that the reindeer is Prancer, and the animal’s journey to healing also helps the little girl and her father heal their relationship. Aw!

The Preacher’s Wife

Though the original 1947 version of this movie (called “The Bishop’s Wife”) is wonderful, this 1996 remake, starring Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington, is a funny and fantastical holiday classic. Washington plays the part of an angel sent by God to help a preacher who has lost his faith. The angel reminds the preacher how beautiful life is, re-inspiring him and helping him rebuild his marriage and his church community.

The Holiday

This often-overlooked 2006 romantic comedy is actually a beautiful exploration of the power of hope. Two women, played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, decide to switch homes over the holidays, in order to shake up their lives after recent heartbreaks. Each of them finds the change of scenery – and new people they meet – to be just what they needed.

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