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A freshly painted and reupholstered dining chair sits next to a paint brush, paint, and a fabric swatch.



The sofa and chairs are key focal points in most living and dining rooms. So if you want to makeover one of these rooms without buying brand new furnishings, give your seating a little glow up. You can easily make it look updated or more expensive, without necessarily spending big bucks. Here are three ways to do it.


If your sofa is showing its age or if you’re just ready to change up the look, some new pillows and luxe throw blankets are an easy way to freshen things up. For a rich feel, go for push fabrics like velvet and chenille, and mix colors and patterns for visual interest. In the dining room, drape faux sheepskin or faux fur throws over hard chairs to change up the look and add softness and comfort.

Revamp the Legs

You can change the whole vibe of a sofa by swapping out the legs. Replace wooden legs with metal or paint the wood with a metallic finish for an instant update. In the dining room, play with color on the wooden legs and frame of dining room chairs to create an eclectic, boho feel.


To completely overhaul the look of a sofa or chair, reupholstering will have the biggest impact. Be aware though, that between the cost of upholstery-grade fabric and paying for a professional to do the job, the cost can end up being as much or more than a new piece of furniture. So you may only want to do this if the original piece is well made, was a substantial investment, or has sentimental value. However reupholstering dining chairs is a relatively easy DIY project that just about anyone can do. Check out this upholstery tutorial to see how. If you’re the crafty type, you could also make slipcovers for just about any chair or sofa, and there are many ready-made slipcovers available for purchase too.

Enjoy adding some glamor and refreshing the seating in your home. For more fun lifestyle ideas, check out the other Olympus Woodbridge blog posts.