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A woman vacuums under a rug. A pet bed, guitar, plant, and TV stand are in the background.



It’s never too early to get a head start on your spring cleaning. What you accomplish now, in winter, means more time to enjoy the nice weather come spring. The team at Olympus Woodbridge came up with three tips to start the year off right.


Here is a hot tip, the more stuff you get rid of, the less stuff you have to clean. Any guide to spring cleaning, will tell you the one of the first steps to a flawless home should be to declutter. Donate old clothes and books, take your 10-year-old armchair coated in five layers of cat hair down to the curb. Throw away that bag of cords to long-lost electronics. Call it quits with your withered plants – that relationship is dead. And you don’t need a dozen half-empty bottles of shampoo in the bathroom – several dating back to 2004.

Go Room by Room

The logical way to tackle a cleaning project is to go room by room. Focus on one area of your house at a time. Yes, it’s efficient, but it also allows you to live normally in the other rooms of the house. It prevents you from creating a new mess in the spot you are trying to tidy up. If you’re focusing on organizing your power ballad divas cassette tape collection in the living room, fold laundry in the bedroom that week instead.

Make a Plan

If you want your house spic and span, start by making a plan. Break it down by rooms as we discussed, and then determine which projects in each room need to get done. Start with the big projects, like organizing a closet. Then work your way to the finer details, like cleaning off the window sills. Figure out which tasks you can accomplish in the winter, like the declutter phase. Some tasks such as the garage, cleaning the gutters, or washing the windows will be more appropriate in the spring.

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