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With their global appeal and larger-than-life skills, NBA players land some of the biggest endorsement deals in sports. Here are the five biggest shoe deals in basketball.

Michael Jordan + Nike/Jordan Brand

Big shock to find MJ atop this list, right? He’s been retired for nearly two decades but still rakes in stacks upon stacks of endorsement money. From the Jumpman logo to all those classic commercials, Nike owes much of its identity to Jordan. And, to this day, he’s rewarded handsomely for his brand-building efforts. His estimated annual contract value with Nike’s Jordan Brand as of 2021: $150 million. It bears repeating: The man’s been retired for nearly two decades!

LeBron James + Nike

The ageless wonder – and Jordan’s Space Jam heir apparent – remains perhaps the most prominent personality in the NBA. He’s also Nike’s most prominent pitchmen, cashing in to the tune of $32 million in 2021 alone. And, according to GQ, LeBron is set to make more than $1 billion over the life of his Nike deal. 

Kevin Durant + Nike

Perhaps the smoothest big man the game’s ever seen (and maybe the most petty), KD’s personal brand is among the brightest in the game. When he’s not gliding effortlessly toward the hoops, nailing dagger 3’s, or quarreling with nobodies on Twitter, he’s cashing huuuuge checks from Nike. KD is expected to bring in about $28 million from the company this year.

Stephen Curry + Under Armour

Curry has shattered the mold with his unprecedented shooting prowess and otherworldly range, so it’s fitting he partnered with Under Armour to build his own brand. Sales generated from his line of clothing and shoes contribute to an estimated $20 million in earnings this year.

James Harden + adidas

This crafty lefty with some of the meanest handles in the league brings in more than $14 million a year from adidas. Maybe someday he’ll win a title like everyone else on this list!

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