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Close up of hands and clippers trimming dog’s nails.



Let’s face it. Having pets is a joy except for one little detail: trimming their nails. For many pet owners, there are no other responsibilities that feel so intimidating and sometimes downright scary. If this is one of those tasks that you dread, fear not. We’ve got some tips to help you and your pet get through this without any issues.

Find a Trimmer That Works for You

There are many varieties of nail trimmers on the market such as grinders, scissors, and guillotine-type clippers. Many pet owners will simply pick out one and persist in using it, not realizing that a different type of trimmers might make a huge difference. Start out by buying a variety of trimmers and try each to see which one is most comfortable for you and your pet.

Get Tips from a Pro

Next time you take your pet to the vet, ask your vet or one of the techs to show you how to trim your pet’s nails. By watching a pro, you’ll gain a lot more confidence in your ability to take care of a little nail trimming. Pro tip: Ask your vet if you can use your phone to film their demonstration so you can refer to it later.

Trim the Fur Around the Nails

If you have a pet with long hair or fur, trim the hair around the nails first. This will give you more visibility and  make it easier for you to grasp their toes as you work.

Take It in Slow Increments

If your pet’s nails are dark and you can’t see where the quick is, trim them in small increments, so you don’t trim too far down. Keep in mind that the more regularly you trim your pet’s nails, the more the quick will recede, which will make nail maintenance easier. Pro tip: Don’t forget to trim the dewclaws.

Make Positive Associations for Your Pet

Remember that this process can create anxiety for your pet. To help alleviate that, be sure to pet them often throughout the process and give them treats when you’re done.

Be Consistent

Long nails cause splayed feet and can reduce traction, not to mention creating other pain and issues for pets. Keeping them trimmed will help you avoid all of this.

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