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Two men in a bar cheering. One man has a basketball. They’re both wearing basketball jerseys



It’s that time of year again. You know, when coworkers and friends start handing you NCAA Tournament brackets to fill out. It’s March Madness time. And with fans back in attendance, the 2022 tournament will have the same high-octane atmosphere from years past. And while you may not be able to watch the tournament live, a good old-fashioned sports bar is the next best thing to being there. So here is a list of three local sports bars where you can capture that big game energy.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Yes, we know that our first entry for local sports bars starts with a national chain, but we also said this list consists of sports bars that capture that live crowd atmosphere, and Buffalo Wild Wings does just that. With over two dozen big-screen TVs, lots of seating, interactive bar games, and plenty of food and drink specials, Buffalo Wild Wings is the ideal spot to catch live sporting events with a crowd. 

Frank N. Stein’s Bar & Grill

Let’s be honest – no matter how big of a college basketball fan you are, March Madness is a whole lotta games. So why not head to a sports bar with something to do between games you actually want to watch? Enter Frank N. Stein’s Bar and Grill. Here, you can not only enjoy a wide-open space with a good amount of seating and wall-mounted TVs but also challenge friends to a friendly game of pool on one of Frank’s several billiards tables. Also, do yourself a favor and order the Mexican egg rolls. So good.

Al’s Sports Bar

Drink specials? Check. Billiards tables and interactive games? Check. Big-screen TVs and a killer food menu? Check. With everything you want for an excellent March Madness watch session, Al’s Sports Bar has you covered. While not as big or fancy as our other two entries, what Al’s lacks in size, it makes up for in atmosphere. The crowds that go there aren’t shy and love to cheer on their favorite teams and boo their rivals in equal measure. And the best part, when you’re all done watching the tournament, Al’s also has a music stage that sees some of the area’s best musicians. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll have a good band playing after one of your games!        

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