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Hand scratching cat’s neck.



You love your cat. But you also love having a stylish home that’s not cluttered with shredded, carpet-covered cat scratchers and other junk that’s only of value to your four-legged friend. Fortunately, you now have more options than ever. Sites across the internet offer designer cat accoutrements in whites and grays that would look at home in an art museum. And many have the price tag to prove it. But you can’t put a price on your pet’s happiness – or your desire to stay hip and cool, even as everything else about you screams crazy cat person.

Fhasso Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed

Looking like a piece of modern art or a handsome wooden salad bowl, this eco-friendly cat bed is actually a big bowl of kitty cat. Its large version can hold cats up to 10 lbs. and available colors include Milk, Grey, and Creamy White.


With a name reminiscent of the stylish Swedish exports designed and sold by IKEA, the Cento cat tree from Mau is about as close as you can get to an actual tree without hacking the limbs off one yourself. But the tree-limb elements are just a small part of the overall experience. This (currently) $279 cat structure features a fur-lined cat cave at its bottom and two rattan baskets with cushioned plush cat beds at the end of each branch for your kitty and all its friends. Both baskets also include dangling cat toys with bells, and the support branches are wrapped in short sections with rope for convenient scratching. Available colors include Cotton White, Bullet Gray, and plain Brown.

The Cat Silo

If you work in a large office, chances are you’re familiar with the scourge of “siloing.” This is where teams get so wrapped up in their own little worlds, they don’t share information with other teams. It’s considered inefficient and bad for company culture. But when it’s your little fur baby who is siloed, it’s just plain cute! Besides, cats aren’t known for their ability to share. Or their teamwork.

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