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We all know it’s so important to balance the stress of modern life with a few indulgences – like, perhaps, some treats that will delight your sweet tooth. Lucky for us, there are many sweet shops in Odessa, offering a variety of treats, from the old-fashioned to the modern. Give yourself a little indulgence at one of these local favorites.

Fere’s Candy

Do you have a soft spot for the old-fashioned candies of the 19th century? If so, this candy shop is the one for you. They have mastered the art of the old-fashioned candy, but with a modern, and decidedly Texan twist. Peanut patties, cinnamon fire pops, pralines, and peanut brittle are just a few favorite menu items. You’ll particularly love their candies that come in the shape of Texas.


Every chocolate lover in Texas knows about this exotic chocolaterie. Maribea is involved in the entire process of chocolate-making: they roast the cacao beans, crack and winnow them, separate them into liquor, butter, and powder, mélange them (grind the nibs into a paste), and finally, temper the resulting chocolate to get that perfect shine. This shop offers everything you’d expect, from high-end chocolate bars to chocolate-covered nuts and fruits. They also carry things you won’t expect, like cacao-enhanced skincare products and a selection of cacao-infused teas.

The Kandy Carousel

This fun shop will delight your inner child. Imagine rows and rows of rainbow candies across the walls: gumballs, caramels, chocolates, gummy candies, and more. Buy as much (or as little) as you want. Maybe a treat for now, and some to take home for later…

Susie’s South Forty Confections

This confectionary is pure Texas. Founded by Texas Hall of Fame member Susie Hitchcock-Hall, it features sweets of the Texan tradition, all perfectly branded to reflect the unique culture of the Lone Star State. Try their pralines, pecan toffee, caramels, and fudge, and all their Old West nostalgia.

If this list got your mouth watering and you’d like to try making your own sweet treats, try these simple candy recipes from The Food Network. Be sure to visit the Sedona Ranch blog for more fun tips and lifestyle advice.