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A tabby kitten with his mouth open, making a smiling face



Trupanion, a pet insurance company, combed through its database of insured kitties to find the most common and most quirky cat names they’ve seen. And, considering they insure more than 1 million pets throughout North America, they’re working with a pretty big sample size. Here are some of the highlights from their list:

The Most Popular Picks

This top 10 list is littered with names you’d expect. We’ve all met a Shadow, a Bella, or a Max. And, don’t lie, you’ve definitely encountered an orange kitty or seven named Simba.

The Quirky Picks

There are some true gems in this list of unique cat names. Coco Beans Chanel? Pure genius! Captain Scurvy Purr? Glorious! Mr. Eddie Trouser Pants? We can’t stop laughing. Take a bow, whoever came up with these amazing names. You nailed it.

The Celebrity-Inspired Names

Popular culture will forever inspire the names we choose for our pets. Exhibit A: this list. It’s got a little of everything. Chesney, Dre, Diddy, Gaga, and Adele for the music lovers. Kobe and LeBron for the hoops fans. Beckham for the soccer crowd. Pretty solid list all the way around.

Presidential Pets

This list of top presidential pet names span all eras and all political persuasions.

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